Libra Network Solutions, Network Design and Suvelliance in Lahore, Pakistan

Cabling & Installation

Data Cable Installations

Libra Network Solutions can provide structured Cabling Design and implementation of UTP & STP, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A, Cat 7, CW1308 to Category 3 Voice Cabling & Coaxial Cabling systems and provide full certification warranty. We use qualified and experienced network cabling design consultants, project managers and Data Cabling Installation engineers to deliver to our client "When Quality Matters".

We install Data Cabling solutions ranging from 1 – 10,000 outlets and have experience within many business sectors, including Schools, Colleges, Universities, Textile Industries, Chemical Factories, Media Agencies, Transportation companies & large Data Centre Installations etc.

Copper Cabling & Switching

Libra Network Solutions is dedicated to provide its client with the best and inexpensive cablilng installation without compromising over the quality. We provides complete secure and warranty prove environment.

Installation Services include:

  • New network Installation
  • Upgrading to existing network
  • Pre-Terminated Links
  • Patching / Re-Patching
  • Detailed Test Results and Certification
  • Fault Finding and Rectification
  • Cabinet /MDF Frame Installation
  • Moves Adds & Changes
  • Patching
  • Site Audits
  • Documentation Service

Tower Installation

All systems large or small, regardless of who is the manufacturer will require some level of maintenance at some point. Depending on the system, Libra Network Solutions may recommend a "Preventive maintenance" plan or even manage such plan as it may involve the collaboration of different vendors.

Installation Services include:

  • Component Preventive Maintenance
  • System Testing
  • Tunning and Calibration
  • Site Audits and Surveys
  • Operational User Training
  • Site Audits
  • Documentation Service

Libra Network Solutions offers Exclusive Wireless ISP setup. If you do not have access to broadband internet in a certain location, this is your chance to enter Broadband service provision and earn a very descent income. Our high quality units work 24x7 wit no down time like some of the other ISP equipment in market. Our outdoor units, each has the capacity to handle 254 concurrent users. Like any other professional ISP, you will have the ability to manage clients in different ways, you can control bandwidth of the individual clients by IP address or Mac address. You can chose from a number of security ops to avoid unauthorized access to your network. Client premises equipment that Go Wireless provides is specially designed for CPE which also works 24x7 without any down time. With extended range, this unit provides connectivity up to 5 kilometers with speeds of up to 54Mbps. Your clients are not bothered with any dial-up connections, they simply have to power on the PC and start surfing right away.